Technical audit of industrial enterprises, production complexes, process sites, engineering infrastructure is carried out in order to assess the current state, identify reserves for improving efficiency, estimate future costs for repair cycles, upgrades, energy costs and introduction of energy-saving technologies. Technical audit is in its essence equal to an independent examination.

Technical audit is conducted in order to:

  • A) assess the quality of servicing.
  • B) optimize current production and management costs;
  • C) prepare for a transaction of sale / merger / takeover ;
  • D) have periodic independent verification of the condition of assets to provide owners with information;

Without a proper technical audit aimed at assessing the state of the production assets to acquire, a situation arises inevitably where it is necessary to conduct costly repairs to the engineering infrastructure and process equipment. This requires serious investments and does not allow the acquired capacities to be quickly integrated into the existing business.

When conducting a technical audit, the licenses for the technologies used, equipment passports, organizational and administrative documentation, maintenance documentation and overhaul logs are studied, the work of the production departments checked, equipment testing and control measures conducted, meter readings taken, arrears for energy license fees checked.

Technical audit is conducted on: buildings and constructions, engineering and energy systems, communication and power lines, process lines. This requires simultaneous application of knowledge of engineers of various specialties experienced in their respective fields and the use of an extensive instrumentation pool.

A technical audit results in a technical report containing the most significant information.

ASTERO’ s technical audit services include:

  • an audit of operational and technical documentation;
  • an audit of the state of engineering and technological infrastructure;
  • an audit of automatic commercial (technical) utility metering systems ACUMS / ATUMS;
  • an audit of documentation compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation;
  • an audit of energy costs and intensity (COP);
  • preparation of recommendations for the elimination of identified deficiencies;
  • drawing up a technical report;
  • development of an enterprise / production development program.

For the qualitative collection of initial data within a technical audit, ASTERO has in its structure its own Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory and a team of engineers / auditors who ensure the comprehensive implementation of the technical audit at the highest professional level».

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