The Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory (NDTL) is a division of ASTERO that monitors the reliability of the main working properties and parameters of the Customers’ Objects or its individual elements / assemblies in the course of construction / reconstruction / technical re-equipment / operation.

The competence of ASTERO NDTL includes the following main types of non-destructive testing:

  • Magnetic NDT — a method of non-destructive testing based on registration of stray magnetic fields arising over defects, or on determination of the magnetic properties of the test object.
  • Electric NDT — is based on creation of an electric field at a controlled object either by direct action of an electrical disturbance on it or indirectly by thermal, mechanical action. Using electrical control, parameters of the electric field are recorded.
  • Acoustic NDT – applied in various areas: boiler inspection, gas supply systems, lifting equipment, food and pharmaceutical industrial facilities.
  • Ultrasonic NDT – enables determination of the volume, temperature and quantity of the product in the liquid phase in the pipeline sections
  • and so forth

Vibration diagnostic NDT — is used to determine compliance with the normative values of system elements brought into motion by reduction groups.


ASTERO NDTL constantly replenishes its instrument cluster and develops non-destructive testing methods.

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