ASTERO offers employment to young professionals, with working experience from 1 to 3 years. We assure young talented professionals with career growth and continuous professional development. A more experienced mentor is assigned to any young specialist. We offer employment to young professionals in the following areas:

1. HVAC — heat engineering and heat power engineering:
1.1. Heat and power engineer, work schedule 5/2, able to travel
1.2. Heat engineer, work schedule 5/2, 2/2, 1/3
1.3. HVAC design engineer, work schedule 5/2, able to travel
2. Electrical equipment and machinery, electricity supply, electricity lighting — electric power engineering and automation:
2.1. Electric power engineer
2.2. Electrical equipment and machinery design engineer, work schedule 5/2, able to travel
2.3. Electric fitter, 2/2, 1/3
2.4. Electrician on duty. Working schedule 1/3
2.5. Instrumentation foreman
2.6. Electric Technical Laboratory engineer, up to 1,000V
3. Fire safety, industrial safety:
3.1. Industrial safety engineer
3.2. Instrumentation technician
4. Industrial and civil construction
4.1. Capital construction engineer
4.2. Industrial and civil construction master
5. Automation of manufacturing technologies
5.1. Instrumentation engineer
5.2. 6. HVAC
6.1. HVAC Technician
7. Cold supply and cryogenic systems
7.1. Evaporator operator
7.2. Compressor facilities engineer

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