The electric laboratory of ASTERO LLC is registered with the North-West Directorate of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (ROSTEKHNADZOR), reg. No. 14-34/ЭЛ-15 dated 13.03.2015, with the right to perform tests / measurements of electrical equipment / electrical installations. The list of permitted types of tests and measurements:

  1. Measurement of insulation resistance of electrical wiring and cable lines.
  2. Measurement of resistance of grounding devices.
  3. Checking electric continuity between grounded installations and elements of a grounded installation.
  4. Testing the «phase-zero» circuit in electrical installations with the TN system.
  5. Checking the operation of protective cutout devices (PCD).
  6. Checking the operation of automatic circuit breaker releases.
  7. Measurement of average illumination of premises with artificial lights in accordance with GOST R 54944-2012 “Buildings and structures. Methods of measuring the illuminance”.
  8. Measurement of insulation resistance of electrical equipment.

You can apply for testing at the email address: